What's in your CVA?

Recently I dropped my vehicle off for its warrant of fitness. A routine procedure. “Give me an hour and it’ll be done” the service manager said.

Half an hour later my phone rang. “It’s failed” he said. “There’s a chip in your CVA”.

“Where?” I said.

“In your CVA. You’ll need to get it fixed before we can give you warrant”.

Not wishing to appear ignorant I hung up and went to collect my vehicle with its chipped CVA. I assumed it would have something to do with the windscreen. Turns out it does!

CVA – Critical Vision Area

CVA – Critical Vision Area

The windscreen is quite a large area to look through. The CVA, Critical Vision Area, is not. If the CVA isn’t 100% clear then the whole windscreen fails.

In my own defence I had noticed there was a stone chip but I didn’t expect it was significant enough to create a “fail”. Given my “assumption” I had chosen not to do anything about it.

That got me thinking.

What’s in your personal “CVA”? What is it that might be there, insignificant as it might seem, that could be a cause of distraction to you from the bigger picture?

What is that small thing you could change, or eliminate, that would clear the way for your “bigger picture” to come to fruition.

To quote Muhammad Ali :

Sometimes all we have to do to keep making forward progress is to stop for a minute and take the proverbial pebble out of our shoe.

Depending on your situation that can be a self-diagnosed change, a conversation with a coach or a mentor or simply checking in with your manager.

Once that’s done it’s onwards and upwards.

The CVA is clear and the bigger picture is uninterrupted.