Take your business to the next level with tailored training and workshops

Training and workshops

You can rest assured that David will invest time with you to ensure that he fully understands what is required and then tailor training specifically for your needs.  

Relationship based Sales Training is a specialty. With knowledge and expertise in the following areas he offers training programmes that encompass:

  • Relationship based sales
  • Negotiation
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview technique.

In addition to the training listed above Toddy is also recognised as a capable Independent Facilitator. Be it for a strategic planning session, a strategic review, a team get together or business planning session, Toddy can work with you to agree a format that will be the right fit for you. Farm Succession is also an area in which he has significant experience in bringing all the interested parties to the table to plan for the future.

Assisting your business to be the best it can be

David's unique experience through his farming upbringing, tertiary study and extensive banking career brings a blend of hands on experience, theory and involvement with a range of businesses from different sectors. This wide ranging experience provides him the ability to tap into it and work with you to assist your business to be the best it can. 

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Sales training

Training in the fundamental skills of sales involves:

  • Rapport building
  • Discovering needs
  • Providing recommendations
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing.

In addition, the fundamental element of a successful sales process, 'preparation', forms a significant part of the sales training.

Toddy Talks Sales

Good to catch up with a former colleague many years later.

Measuring the value of training

The value of training can be hard to measure, however the implementation of Sales Training as a process can provide measurable results. These results sit alongside the intangible benefits provided simply by having the Sales Team together to share experiences and ideas. 

Over time the “fundamentals” of a successful sales process have remained largely unchanged – it is the “techniques” that have evolved and continue to evolve. As alluded to in the feedback below from repeat clients, David has a proven ability to work with your Team at their level, in their environment to achieve results that matter to them.

You can teach an old dog new tricks

“Having engaged Toddy to undertake sales training previously it was refreshing to have him back in a  different business and see him go well!  Our team, whilst busy with solid streams of work, were all enlightened by the time out to think about why we do what we do and how we can pitch that, not only to new but also existing customers - just proves you can teach “old dogs new tricks”.”
- Keith Cooper, Managing Director, Miller Creative Group.

Our staff have grown massively

"We have engaged Toddy for several years now to handle all of our staff training. The training he gives is simple, interactive and he gets everyone’s buy in. Our staff have grown massively with his help. Everyone is looking forward to the next training session already."
- Ash Whitaker, The Cardrona Distillery and Museum"

Toddy Talks Training

Training is simple, interactive and Toddy gets everyone's buy in.

Feedback from workshop attendees

  • ... I will take heaps away
  • One of the top sessions in whole course
  • Thought provoking
  • Good presentation - good mix of humour and deep stuff
  • I left the room very motivated and long may it continue
  • Professional and definitely motivational
  • David was great, I will definitely be following through.