20 Things for 2020 with 20 days to go

20 Things for 2020

As we conclude the second decade of the 21st century I suspect there will be plenty of posts, or puns, about having 2020 vision for next year. 

Having had that thought I then thought some more. 

What might be 20 things to think about and/or do for 2020? 

1) Have a plan
If you aim at nothing you will hit it. I’m not suggesting map out a comprehensive plan ( you can if that works for you), more like some key heading of things you’d like to get done in 2020 - and beyond

2)  Engage in habits that create successful outcomes

Some of the recent research is suggesting we are better to focus on habits that create good outcomes as opposed to the outcomes themselves. For example choose to eat well every day as opposed to having a weight focused goal. Get in the habit of regular exercise - it has all sorts of positive outcomes.

3) Make time to be quiet

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information and messaging; take time out. Switch off. Your brain needs it - it is not wired to be “on” all the time. 

4) Have fun

Do things or go to things that are fun. That will mean different things to different people so figure out what you enjoy and make a point of getting involved in those things. 

5) Understand that some “stuff” might, and probably will, happen

Resilient people understand that in life “stuff” happens. If you live - you will experience some “stuff”. That’s life. Understanding and accepting that means that when ( not so much “if”) “stuff” happens you can deal with it and move on.

6) Do something for the first time

When was the last time you did something for the first time - ever? It could be an activity, an experience. Have a go. You might find something new you enjoy and/or a create a new memory. 

7) Connect with people

Genuinely connect. With technology we might be “connected” but are we “connecting”? Get to know the people around you, and the new people you meet, better. Understand what motivates them. 

8) Book a holiday

This is similar, but different, to Number 3. Book in some time off. It is often said that we are the most efficient in our professional environment the week before a holiday. That’s not the reason to have a holiday though! It’s simply a matter of having some balance. 

9) Expect to work

To achieve some output there needs to be some input. Work - it’s a four letter word and (cliche time) the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. 

10) Have a giving spirit

There is a lot to be said for the spirit, and act, of giving. It can be in many forms - time, money, knowledge, experience. 

11) Embrace alternative points of view

We live in interesting times. I’m not suggesting you have to agree necessarily with every alternative point of view but at least be open in the first instance to understanding it. 

12) Manage your screen time

They are almost inescapable,screens, but they are able to be turned off and/or put away. Refer to point 7. 

13) Think about “why” as opposed to “what” or “how”

If you better understand “why” then the “how” and “what” follow. This is also an important concept when communicating with others. If people understand “why” they are being asked to do something then getting the “how” and “what” part done is so much more purposeful. 

14) Have courage

Sometimes figuring out what courage looks like is made easiest by seeing what things look like without it. In one sense this might also be entitled “back yourself”. 

15) Be in the moment

What has happened in the past has happened. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. Embrace the moment and take it in. “Be there”. 

16) Focus on what’s important

Remember to let the important take priority over what might appear urgent. 

17) Be proactive

Front foot it. Take the initiative. Go after what you want and lead.

18) Listen to understand not to reply

Something of a combination of points 7 and 15. How many times have you found yourself listening to someone tell you something and all you are doing is waiting for a break in the traffic to tell YOUR story. Become someone who listens genuinely and intently. 

19) Greet people enthusiastically

As Kiwis ( NZ’ers) we have pretty much mastered the understatement. “How are you?” is often greeted with “Not too bad”. Grrrrrrrr. Try something like “Excellent thanks” and see the difference it makes for you and for them. 

20) You choose  

I don't know all the answers. What’s (at least) one thing you would have had in this list? 

Here’s to 2020 bringing a sense of purpose and a healthy dose of many, if not all, the things on this list. 

If you have ideas on what we could add to the list please let me know. We can all learn from each other. 

Season’s Greetings.