Which "P" matters most?

In these uncertain and ever changing times keeping some form of focus can be difficult. 

In thinking about putting this together I thought simplicity would be a good starting point. Perhaps find a single letter of things that can keep things simple and then put something together around that. 

"Priorities" was one of the first words that came to mind and then the "P" word floodgates opened : priorities, plan, protect, purpose, patience, positivity,  persistence, perseverance, passion and people, all the while trying to refrain from including the word Pandemic! 

With the roller coaster ride we have been on in and out of different states of lockdown around the world it's obvious that we all have our own lens of things dependent on where we are and what we are dealing with. 

Through all of those variants there are perhaps 3 things that could stand us all in good stead : 


Patience, and 


A sense of Purpose always puts a spring in your step doesn't it? Having some clarity, even if it's not crystal clear on where we are heading, or understanding why we are doing what we are doing, removes some uncertainty and makes it easier to focus. It will also often pull us, directly or indirectly,  towards things that will help us get there.

This week marks the beginning of the America's Cup regatta in Auckland. For all the Teams involved over recent years there has been a clear sense of purpose about reaching this week. Only two teams have. The challenger - Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand. Within Team New Zealand there is a young man, Finn Henry, whose Purpose was written down many years ago and has now come to fruition. His story is in the video clip below. 

The words of a man many years my senior have rung in my ears since he said to me when I was busy expressing my frustration :  " Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. Often found in women but seldom in a man".  We have certainly needed some patience in the past 12 months haven't we. With many things seemingly beyond our control being thrust upon us there has been a need to remain calm; to be Patient. 

"This too shall pass" has been another mantra used by many in difficult times as is the phrase.

" Slow is smooth and smooth is fast". Be Patient. Good things take time. 

One of the beauties of having a clearly defined Purpose is that it gives you something to focus on and provides the incentive to Persevere.

Perseverance, sticking to it, in a world of instant gratification is becoming a rarity. Alongside having a clearly defined Purpose, Finn Henry has also demonstrated a superb level of Perseverance to get to the point where he is now on the Emirates Team New Zealand boat. An overnight success in a few short years! Perseverance pays. 

Give it a try. Write down something you'd like to be, do or have - or all three.

That will give you a sense of Purpose.

Then be Patient as you work towards it and Persevere until it's done.

It sure worked for Finn!