Three things...

Three things to focus on

1) “All of a sudden” it is February.

2) 10% of the year has passed.

3) What does the rest of the year hold?

With so much uncertainty around us as the world copes with the pandemic perhaps it is important to find a few simple things to focus on. Things you can control.

“You can be calm about change if you embrace it and strive to make it lead to better things”.

If embracing the uncertainty is what you choose to do, and then you strive to make it lead to better things - what are those things? What kind of behaviours will it take to get there?

On a zoom call early in January I was challenged by my mentor to think about 2 or 3 words that would underpin 2022. If you feel it would be helpful for you then go ahead and do the same.

After some deliberation I landed on: Initiative, Action and Fun.

Initiative provides the opportunity to be “on the front foot”. That can be in a business sense, personally, from an exercise point of view, meeting new people - the list goes on.
Action. Didn’t Nike capture this well -  “Just do it”. Action cures fear. It’s all very well to think about what you’re going to do - and that’s important too - but it doesn’t get done until some action is taken.
Fun. The world can be very quick to point out what’s wrong. So be it - but let’s have some fun along the way. If you’re not doing things you enjoy, and sometimes you just have to, then either stop doing them or change the way you do them so they are fun.
It seems there is strength in three things;

Traffic lights have three colours - “red, orange, green”, setting a scrum we hear “crouch, bind, engage”, and to start a race “Ready, set, go”.

Even Dr Lucy Hone, who has done years and years of research on the topic, has narrowed it down to three things to focus on to help you cope with life. Her TEDx talk from Christchurch has now had millions of views. You may have all ready seen it.

If you’d like to see it, or see it again, then click here , or below, and soak up the simple message she provides. I’d encourage you to watch even the first 1 minute and 30 seconds. The illustration she uses there is a valuable message.

When you come up with your three words for 2022 let me know. We can learn from each other and share the wisdom.

Here's to a cracker 2022!



Watch Dr Lucy Hone's Tedx talk here.